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The African American Wellness Project is proud to partner with the following Organizations and Individuals in our pursuit to educate African Americans and improve their health. 

Meet Our Diabetes Expert: 

Dr. Lenore T. Coleman, Pharm. D., CDE, FASHP


Meet Our Partners. 

Got a question on Diabetes?

We have the best person for answers!

Dr. Coleman is focused on the care and management of people with diabetes.  

She provides education and drug therapy management to ethnic populations nationwide at www. Healingourvillage.com.

  • Executive Director and Founder of Total Lifestyle Change, Inc. (TLC), a non-profit service organization dedicated to eliminating health care disparities in ethnic populations 
  • Certified Diabetic Educator of 15 years
  • Practicing pharmacist for over 32 years , degrees from UCSF and USC
  • Associate Professor, Xavier College of Pharmacy
  • Research Fellow, Center of Excellence, Howard University

We are delighted to work with the American Heart Association on 
educational and outreach in our shared goals on heart care for African Americans. 

Together, we will promote work around preventing, identifying and treating high blood pressure on a variety of social and traditional media channels. 

Stay tuned for more!

Our Digital Health Partner: Project Vision

Makers of the Yabbit app for monitoring health


AAWP is Delighted to Partner with Project Vision 

in helping African Americans and Underserved Communities

achieve better health outcomes. 

Project Vision created Yabbit as a personal assistant to help you find the small things you can do to live each day just a little bit healthier.  It provides personalized suggestions based on your past choices and your surrounding environment.  It also shares your progress with your doctor and care team.  No more one-size-fits-all advice – Yabbit is designed to help you get assistance tailored to your unique needs.

Yabbit is currently only available through select health providers, so ask your doctor about getting enrolled.

How Does It Work?
Getting started is easy!  After 5 minute assessment on the app which helps us better understand your unique starting point, we will start providing you with daily suggestions for diet, fitness and stress reduction.  No data entry, no meal logging.  Just 3 simple daily suggestions that are easy to complete and tailored to your specific health needs.

The app learns your preferences over time based on the specific suggestions you complete, as well as by tracking your location and learning about your overall environment.  Data is also shared with your doctor and care team so that they can better understand your needs and progress between visits.