AboutHEALTH: Navigate Healthcare

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Our target audience is African Americans and other communities who suffer disproportionately from chronic diseases. 

Our Audience will include:

Health consumers 
Physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
Silicon Valley Tech Entrepreneurs, Investors, etc.
The Larger East Bay Community.

We are currently looking for additional partners

in Silicon Valley.

Thanks to Our Sponsors and Partners!

Health technology developed in Silicon Valley doesn't always make its way to underserved communities. A missed opportunity on one hand, poor health outcomes on the other.

Our Conference will focus on 
inclusiveness, community health and how tech can bring about positive change. 

We will have contests for aspiring startups to get a spotlight on their innovation, and merchant booths

for our sponsors and aspiring entrepreneurs to network.

Finally, we will have exciting tech innovation startups mingle with community members so new tech can reach its audience, and our consumers are better informed and connected.

Fall 2016 Tech Health Conference

Saturday, November 5 (all day) held at Impact Hub Oakland